Monday, July 13, 2009

No more excuses, so what if it's hot outside!

I am not really very good at adapting to change, but sometimes you just have to do it and find something good in the changes. I work in an office and sit most of the day, so my two breaks and lunch hour have always been a high priority for me to get outside and walk. It is close to an hour of movement, and I love walking on our campus. I have always said, "why do I need a gym, I have high incline walking, stair stepping, and beautiful walkways at my fingertips." My ipod has become my most cherished piece of exercise equipment, but there are times when its just not possible to get out there and walk. When it is raining, or freezing cold, or if it is 100 degrees out side. I was still walking when it was 85 degrees, but when the humidity was bad, I about died. So since I would have to walk to the gym on campus to exercise indoors, that was a big NO, and I can't just sit here at my desk all day long, I decided to buy Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim DVD. Let me tell you, it about kicked my butt. I found a little hiding spot in the back of our very cold equipment room and I just pop the DVD in to my player and "instant gym". I am always freezing when I start out, but about 5 minutes into it I am nice and warm and when I am finished I am sweating up a storm. It's a good thing I share a cubicle with just me :-). I like this change, but I will be happy for the trade off of walking outside again when the weather is nice. I think I get a better workout with the DVD, but I miss my music, and the fresh air.
So whoo hoo for me No More Excuses!

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  1. WOW! 18 pounds is a lot!! Congrats!
    A DVD video is a great solution for working out indeed. Sometimes when I feel not like going outside, or a little blue I put one of those and Voila! I feel with more energy and happy.
    I'll be going to Mexico and be back at the very end of August... I'll let you know how the change helps (or not) my weight. In the meantime, keep that awesome inspiration and strong determination. You rock!


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