Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Wow!

When I first started blogging I had no idea how this simple act would change my life. My first blog was 128 days ago, I was doing this for me then and I still am, but something happened along the way. I started listening to me, maybe it is just writing it down and reading my own words that makes validating my own thoughts easier for me. There is no one that will ever be a bigger cheerleader for me than myself. I know this, I always have, yet I am the one that listens to the other thoughts (the ones I have allowed to steal my resolve.) I am the one that use to beat myself up for messing up, for eating something really bad for me. I said use to because somewhere during this journey I have stopped doing that. I still get mad at myself and I let myself know it when I overeat to the point of feeling bad, or if I mindlessly eat to fill a void, but I think that eating healthy has become a part of me. When I eat things that are really unhealthy or just to much, like I did on vacation last week, I can't wait to get back to my new habit of feeling good. It's not so much about the weight gain, yes I gained 2.5 pounds in one week, but I just felt bad the entire time. The thing that feels good to me is, I listen to the good thoughts more now. It helps writing them down and reading your own words. I love my blog and I can't wait to see what changes are waiting for me in the future.