Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am loving losing myself a little at a time.

Oh Yum! Boca Burgers and Peach Salsa. Soooo Good!

Only 4 points Total.

I am so happy with the way things are going with this new healthy living. When I first began, it seemed to go so slow. I was fussy, and irritable because the pounds wern't coming off fast enough. Now I couldn't feel better about things. Each day I feel stronger, and this struggle is teaching me so much. There was a time when I went on vacation, ate whatever I wanted, then found it impossible to get back on track. It was so much easier this time around. I believe it is because I have found the secret. It is in the living, part, the day to day learning to do what is best for my health. Today a co-worker brought brownies, I passed by those brownies at least 10 times, but I never once felt tempted. I brought a Chocolate Chip Banana muffin for Breakfast and they are so good, only 4 points and lots of fiber. Good choices, lead to good days. Today was a good day! [Day 80]

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Seventy-Nine

When a person reaches my age you would think that some wisdom would automatically be at hand when you need to call on it. Not so. I am finding all the things I have been learning on this journey may not have been correct or maybe these things that make me what I am have been part of my problem all along. Since I don't have the time or inclination to fix everything, and try to relearn all of these fallacies I will try to examine some of my beliefs about my weight loss.
  1. Someday I can eat what I want to. --Fact-- I can now, within reason.

  2. If I cheat, no one will know. --Fact-- I will know every time I weigh or look in the mirror.

  3. Some day this struggle will be over. --Fact--The struggle is my teacher, and I will always be a student.

  4. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away.--Fact--This is so true, face it, track it, never ignore it.

  5. There is no way to eat healthy on a trip.--Fact-- Planning, makes it possible, not easy, but possible.

  6. When I am feeling sorry for myself, indulge.--Fact--indulge in the fresh air, a long walk, some good music, A good book, a little quite time, not food....

  7. When I am angry I will feel better if I indulge.--Fact--when I indulge I will be angrier.

  8. When I am happy it is OK to celebrate with food. --Fact-- Yes it is OK, just keep track and plan for it.

  9. When I reach my goal this diet will be over.--Fact-- This is not a diet, when I reach goal my lifestyle will still be a struggle, but maybe just maybe I will learn to live this healthy lifestyle.

  10. Someday I will not have to exercise. --Fact-- Not true, I will always have to exercise, I will always have to maintain this lifestyle, eating healthy, and moving..... everyday!

Today will be my last day to count each day, from now on I will try to remember that on April 10th, I made a decision to live a healthy lifestyle and each day thereafter will be a victory!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

There is no excuse!!! Day Seventy-Seven and Seventy-Eight

This is how my day started! 3 points. Great so far.
At some point we realized that we had been so busy we
Forgot to eat. My sister bought a big bag of Almonds with Sea Salt
and I had a couple of handfuls.
We got everything ready for the party and when it finally started I
was starving, we did this party thing all backwards, and had the cake
and ice cream before our meal. So I could not resist. I was starving.
When everyone left, we put the burgers and hot dogs on the grill and
(Katie bar the door) I ate like I had missed 10 meals. I then snacked
the rest of the night.
Sunday wasn't much better, but I got home and made sandwiches with
high fiber bread and baked chips. Tomorrow will be better. It will.
Losing weight and learning to live a healthy life is not user friendly at times. Sometimes I wish I was allergic to all things fattening, maybe then when I was faced with them I would say no thank you with no regrets. It's just hard to go to a party and not eat the cake, oh I know, you can have the cake if you plan for it, but sometimes you have already made a choice that doesn't leave you any more points. So I ate some cake, some ice cream and about 2 hours later I ate a hot dog and Cheetos. I have no idea how many points I consumed but it was way to many. For Seventy Six days I have made good choices, 77 and 78 not so great, but what fun times I had with my family, and I will learn to do better next time.