Saturday, January 9, 2010

It is freezing here

Its so cold outside I decided to decorate according to my mood, so I took down the Christmas decorations and put up the winter snow scene. I made some baked oatmeal and we had a warm and cozy night, while just outside my door ice is falling from the sky. I have made good choices tonight and being stuck in the house this last week I kept myself busy intead of eating for comfort. One good choice at a time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm serious and I mean it!

I'm making some changes, some needed changes. I am gonna be honest for one thing, and that means I have to admit when I mess up, but I also have to pat myself on the back when I do something right. I have been reflecting on this last year all week. It has been 8 months since I started my quest to live a more healthy life. I lost 34 pounds, kept off 30 pounds. I have more to lose, and more to learn but I am on my way.
  • I am going to be more diligent to keep my food diary

  • I am going to be more consistent with my exercise.

  • I am going to monitor my success with my new gadget Heart Rate Monitor
  • This is a hard one, but I am going to drink more water.

  • I am going to really really try to lose 30 pounds by May 17.

  • I am going to save my money and buy a really good camera.

  • I am going to try to find a better balance in my personal, spiritual and physical life.

I will be happy if these things become mine, I will be pleased if I see positive change.

I am serious, and I mean it.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The key to weight loss

I learned a new word today, Mo-Mo

As far back as I can remember I called this the something that "clicks in your brain" my sisters and I would jokingly say "well it hasn't kicked in yet". I really never understood it until I read this blog. Waiting for this to take place is difficult when you don't even know what you are waiting for, but I have always known, and I have always waited until that certain something happened, and then I was on my way. Now I have a name for it, and I owe it all to the blogger that gave definition to this "thing that clicks in you brain". Just knowing the definition brings clarity to this life skill, and I do believe it is a life skill. Motivation meets momentum, and when these two hook up it happens. Finding motivation has never been hard for me, I just have to look in the mirror. Finding momentum is a different thing altogether. This quote stopped me cold: "The moment you fall in love with the sound of progress is the moment you stop hearing everything else." Richard Murphy Confessions of a Contractor Then Cammy summed it up this way: The energy from momentum often drowns out the internal chatter along with the external temptations, and provides the fuel I need to keep moving forward.
I found my motivation a while back, and motivation met momentum after a full day of simply listening and watching for the signs of progress. My Mo-Mo is now on the Go-Go! I am ready to get this healthy lifestyle back on track.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow day!!!!

I love snow days. Time off with pay! No vegging out for me though, I am going to treat this just like a work day. I have had 11 days off, and I have been so lazy. Now on this freebie I will use it for my good. Clean the house, put the rest of the decorations away, exercise, and plan my meals for the week. Yay!!! 2010 so far I am liking it.!!!!