Thursday, October 7, 2010

Winning Battles

Lately I have won more battles than I have lost,
but I have lost to many to count. Small victories
really add up, and while I do believe that I can eat
anything I want (within reason), I really want to make
the healthy choice. Sometimes it is a battle (in my own mind)
and sometimes it is just easy. That is what I want more than
anything along this journey. I just want to " want to do this."

Today I was in the snack shack at work, and I really thought about
getting this candy bar. It is only one point per square. It has 5 squares
and it is a dark chocolaty goodness. I picked it up and carried it around
to make sure this is what I wanted,

and then I saw this!
And I wanted it... Yay!!!!

So today this is how it went:
Dark Chocolate Candy.... $1.07
Banana... $ .55
Winning the battle... Priceless
eta: I do realize that chocolate is not unhealthy