Monday, September 28, 2009

Soup's on!

First thing Saturday morning I put one bag of 15 Bean soup on to cook. I followed the instructions on the bag except I did not add ham. The Chicken bouillon flavors it enough. I made a potato base soup next. Just throw everything into the crock pot except the milk. When the potatoes, onions and celery are tender I add the milk. You may want to add a little corn starch, I like mine thin. Salt and pepper to taste.
To this base I add either:
*1 can of Broccoli and Cheese soup
*2% Velveeta Cheese

I made the Chicken based soup and then added the following ingredients:

Rice, Noodles, or White Bean Chicken Chili mix with 2 cups of the 15 Bean soup

When the soups are done just follow the steps below. I now have 35 cups of soup frozen and ready to toss in my lunch bag.



With the cold weather coming on, I made some chili too and made use of the beans from the 15 Bean Soup!


Just so you know , this did not take up my entire Saturday. I made a cake for my husband, had my son and his family over for dinner and unfortunately did laundry!