Thursday, August 27, 2009

Somewhere Between Here and There!

I wish I knew the secret that so many people seem to have. It's that between here and there secret. Right here, right now I have the resolve, the desire and all the optimism required to make it to next weeks weigh-in with a great loss. The problem for me is not the "here and now," it's the "there" that gets me every time. Why is it that when I can get up in the morning, I am so ready to take on the day. I prepare my breakfast, get my lunch ready to take to work, I take the meat out of the freezer for dinner and in that moment I'm on top of it all. Then all it takes is one moment of boredom, one moment of unexpected stress for me to realize my resolve is well.... not there anymore. How do I lose it so easily? Why does this keep happening? To be fair, I have not lost sight completely since I started this journey of eating healthy. I just feel like I go two steps forward only to find that I am also going one step backwards. It frustrates me that I have a hard time even making it one week without a setback. How does one get the mindset of a trainer, how does one set a goal and move toward that goal with out flinching. I am losing, and even though I want to blame my old age, my sluggish metabolism, I would get to my goal so much quicker if I could I could get from here to there. Oh well!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Planning ahead.........

I am not a gourmet cook, if I can't get my meal cooked fast it drives me crazy. I don't have a ton of patients, and the kitchen is not my favorite place. I am also not rich, but if you want to eat healthy you better plan on using a little bit more money on the food budjet. I read blogs everyday from people on the same journey as me, for the most part they are helpful, but almost everyday I see a recipe, or a new product that is just the best ever, and of course I can't rest until I track it down. I went to every store within a 40 mile radius to find those "sandwich thins". They are good, but in my mind they were going to make this whole process easier. That is probably the one thing I strive for the most, easy, easier or easiest. This new lifestyle is not easy. I am always looking for ways to make things easier. If you have any tips please share them with me and save me some time searching.
So that is it. Now you know I am Fast, Cheap and Easy!!