Monday, September 6, 2010

Changing Habits!

This week I am focusing on changing habits. I have noticed one fact since I began blogging, much of my bad food control issues are just bad habits. I say " just" as if that were just another word that is placed in front of another. It is not, I know that it is probably going to be the hardest thing I will overcome in this journey to live a healthy life. First I have to take a long look at the habits that control my behavior, that's going to be fun....not, oh well I will attempt to do this for the next few weeks and I will start it off with a big one.

  1. Water........I need to drink more, I need to start drinking when I first get up.

  2. Exercising... Walking when I make this a habit, I love it. When I stop, I don't want to restart.

  3. One to break, spending to much time on the computer. ( that is going to be a hard one)

  4. Planning my menu! This is a must!!

  5. And last but most important for me is tracking my food.

All of the things I have listed above are not that hard for me to do for awhile, but when anything comes along to sidetrack me it is so difficult to start again. I want these habits to become second nature to me. This is my goal, and this is my hope for this year.

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