Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a blast this is!

Living healthy goes against every thing I have ever experienced. The world I live in, the people I surround myself with, their lifestyle is just like mine has always been, so I want to join in and consume the candy, the cake and the fried foods. I want to but, I don't want to so I am torn should I give in once in a while, or should I constantly be in a battle with myself over this. I have decided that for me, I will join in once in while. I won't turn my nose up and insult the people that love the foods I have always loved as well, but I will put my butt back in the healthy car as soon as I leave the party. It's not about every single meal, its about the 22 other meals that week. I had a great fourth of July, I ate well, and I also ate a few things I shouldn't but I had a blast, and oh yeah I Lost 3 Pounds last week! Yea!!!

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