Monday, August 10, 2009

No! I am not holding my husband captive.

But I am sure he will say I am. Today is "day one" of his healthy eating journey. I will not blog about his journey, but I am sure his will affect me. We have tried this before, and not with good results. I have high hopes this time though, I am no longer trying to entice my husband on yet another diet, but I am going to give him the tools to eat healthier. It all starts with Weight Watchers of course, but more than that, I want him to see the benefits of this lifestyle. He is ready to do this, and I am ready to help ( I think). I really want this to be a good experience, since it will be a "for the rest of our lives thing" and I am preparing myself for not being his jailer. I am sure he will be happy about that. For me the hard part will be not making him my project, and not allowing his success or lack of success to affect my emotions. So on day one I called him to see how he was doing. It appears he is just fine, he ate his lunch I had prepared for him, for breakfast, and he said he would hunt something up when he got home, (insert eye roll here) then laugh. I am afraid this will be one long journey....

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