Friday, October 9, 2009

Caution...Trigger foods ahead...

I think I was a little to sure of myself this week, I started out well, hit a speed bump and made a bad choice, then I made another bad choice. The food I chose was not bad, it was good. It was healthy, it was nutritious, it was yummy, but I could not walk away from it. So if something has the equivalent of 3 points and it is very filling, that should be a good thing, but for me it was bad, very very bad. What is 3 X 6? Yeah, its almost my whole days points. I wish the yellow CAUTION TAPE would have been taped all over this food. I am wondering if I am just not going to be able to bake at all (that makes me sad). I can't reason with myself on this one, I hit the skids this week, it was only 2 days and I will not let this get me down. Tomorrow will be better. I will make it so.

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  1. Tomorrow will be better! If I bake I give all the tempting extras to friends and family that way I will not be tempted.


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