Monday, September 28, 2009

Soup's on!

First thing Saturday morning I put one bag of 15 Bean soup on to cook. I followed the instructions on the bag except I did not add ham. The Chicken bouillon flavors it enough. I made a potato base soup next. Just throw everything into the crock pot except the milk. When the potatoes, onions and celery are tender I add the milk. You may want to add a little corn starch, I like mine thin. Salt and pepper to taste.
To this base I add either:
*1 can of Broccoli and Cheese soup
*2% Velveeta Cheese

I made the Chicken based soup and then added the following ingredients:

Rice, Noodles, or White Bean Chicken Chili mix with 2 cups of the 15 Bean soup

When the soups are done just follow the steps below. I now have 35 cups of soup frozen and ready to toss in my lunch bag.



With the cold weather coming on, I made some chili too and made use of the beans from the 15 Bean Soup!


Just so you know , this did not take up my entire Saturday. I made a cake for my husband, had my son and his family over for dinner and unfortunately did laundry!


  1. Great blog! You are my inspiration!

    Cindy Doe

  2. Thanks, It really helps me. It has also become my recipe book.

  3. That is awesome, what a great idea...keep up the good work I am so proud of you. Love ya bunches your favorite neice(lol), Lisa:)


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