Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The key to weight loss

I learned a new word today, Mo-Mo

As far back as I can remember I called this the something that "clicks in your brain" my sisters and I would jokingly say "well it hasn't kicked in yet". I really never understood it until I read this blog. Waiting for this to take place is difficult when you don't even know what you are waiting for, but I have always known, and I have always waited until that certain something happened, and then I was on my way. Now I have a name for it, and I owe it all to the blogger that gave definition to this "thing that clicks in you brain". Just knowing the definition brings clarity to this life skill, and I do believe it is a life skill. Motivation meets momentum, and when these two hook up it happens. Finding motivation has never been hard for me, I just have to look in the mirror. Finding momentum is a different thing altogether. This quote stopped me cold: "The moment you fall in love with the sound of progress is the moment you stop hearing everything else." Richard Murphy Confessions of a Contractor Then Cammy summed it up this way: The energy from momentum often drowns out the internal chatter along with the external temptations, and provides the fuel I need to keep moving forward.
I found my motivation a while back, and motivation met momentum after a full day of simply listening and watching for the signs of progress. My Mo-Mo is now on the Go-Go! I am ready to get this healthy lifestyle back on track.


  1. This makes a lot of sense, thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Great blog! I definitely need to find my Mo-Mo!


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