Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Forty-Eight

Well day forty eight was as hectic for me as day forty six was. I got really caught up in American Idol this year and spent one night texting until my thumbs were bleeding(not really). But my guy won, and I handled my emotions just fine. I was snack hungry tonight last night so I made myself a big bowl of Oatmeal with dark chocolate and sliced bananas. That did the trick and I wasn't hungry the rest of the night. I normally eat when I get nervous, but I did just fine. I am going to try to remember in the future when I just feel like I need to snack, just grab something healthy and filling and they must, cover all the bases. Crunchy, Almonds, Sweet, Maple syrup and bananas, Flavorful, brown sugar and cinnamon, Smooth, creamy oatmeal.

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