Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day Forty-Two

Whoa!!!!!!!! I skipped right by Day forty-one. Busy, hectic day, exhausting and exhilarating day.
I stayed on target with my points and I got my walking in, but there was no time to blog. I try very hard not to Sabotage myself like I have in the past. I plan ahead, when I can't plan, I just try to think about the healthiest option available. It seems easier now after doing it for 40+ days
but at times it is just plain hard. I have to battle that voice in my head that says, this is going to slow, this is to expensive, this is to hard. I am not even sure why I have to battle these thoughts, but they do crop up daily. I hope that someday because I have persevered, these thoughts will be replaced with, slow but sure, what a small price to pay and how easy is this. Looking back on my life I would have to say that I have listened to these same thoughts for years, I know what hard is, and honestly this isn't hard. Exercising isn't even hard, but that's another one I have to battle. So I am going to gear up, remind myself that this journey doesn't have to be that hard, and remember these words from DR. Phil. " You want hard, I'll show you hard."

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