Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's gonna happen!

Yesterday I went to a luncheon! I was prepared to be tempted with a great desert, and fully prepared to enjoy some. I ate my sandwich and salad but just looked at the cheese cake and decided to pass! Did I say that? Yep, and to be honest it didn't bother me even a little bit. I walked away with these beautiful flowers and I was very content. When I got back to my office I opted for a Yogurt parfait, and finished my work day feeling really good about myself. When I got home, I told my husband I really didn't want to eat a big dinner so maybe we could just eat something light for dinner. We did...... One hour later I was starving....... I had a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, then a Weight Watchers ice cream..... Still starving so I made myself a big bowl of..... Oatmeal....Not just a regular bowl of oatmeal but....

Oatmeal with more chocolate and peanut butter and pecans, and a little coconut! I was so full after that snack my tummy was killing me. I am sure I used at least 12 to 15 of my extra points and I asked myself why I let this happen after such a good day. I didn't feel deprived over the cheesecake at lunch but for some reason I just wanted to splurge! It was good and I could have had 1/4 of it and I would have been content. I guess these things are going to happen. once in a while.
Today is a new day. Today I will move with no regrets. I had the points, I used the points, no big deal. This time I will not beat myself up for indulging!

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