Monday, April 27, 2009

Day Twenty-Five

Uh............. I think I am brain dead. I am making progress in my quest for healthy living though, tomorrow I am having surgery on my big toe. They are not going to put me to sleep. They are going to stick a HUGE needle in my toe, well maybe it won't be huge, but it will still be a needle. Normally this would send me straight to the snack drawer, but I have done really well today. I ate my points, walked during my lunch hour, and tonight I am enjoying some green tea and saving my healthy chocolate for my last snack. Tomorrow I have to sit with my leg up all day. I am not one to sit around so this has me a bit concerned. I am trying to think of some things to do so I can keep my mind from wandering into the kitchen cabinets. I have decided not to cook tomorrow and we are going to have KFC grilled chicken. It is really moist and good. So no cleaning, cooking or walking around. Grrrrrrrr! I am sure everything will be just fine. (I hope)
Still looking for that song.

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