Friday, June 12, 2009

Fish Fry Day Sixty-Nine

I did just eat one and believe me they weren't all that big. There are not any pictures here of the four hushpuppies I ate but they were good, very very good. I had fish, hushpuppies, and fruit. When I got home and started to post my points I had 3 points left. I was a little nervous eating my extra points, but this morning I weighed and I had lost 1 pound. The night before I had lost two pounds so I am not sure what is going on with the scale, but that is not my war. My battle is just to try to stay withing my points, if I do that and I don't lose, well then I will start to worry.
This week was the fish fry, next week is my mom's Birthday so we will be traveling to her house. I am praying that I can stay on track. Wish me luck, soon the summer months will be gone and I don't want to regret it just because I didn't give 100%.

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