Sunday, June 21, 2009

There is no excuse!!! Day Seventy-Seven and Seventy-Eight

This is how my day started! 3 points. Great so far.
At some point we realized that we had been so busy we
Forgot to eat. My sister bought a big bag of Almonds with Sea Salt
and I had a couple of handfuls.
We got everything ready for the party and when it finally started I
was starving, we did this party thing all backwards, and had the cake
and ice cream before our meal. So I could not resist. I was starving.
When everyone left, we put the burgers and hot dogs on the grill and
(Katie bar the door) I ate like I had missed 10 meals. I then snacked
the rest of the night.
Sunday wasn't much better, but I got home and made sandwiches with
high fiber bread and baked chips. Tomorrow will be better. It will.
Losing weight and learning to live a healthy life is not user friendly at times. Sometimes I wish I was allergic to all things fattening, maybe then when I was faced with them I would say no thank you with no regrets. It's just hard to go to a party and not eat the cake, oh I know, you can have the cake if you plan for it, but sometimes you have already made a choice that doesn't leave you any more points. So I ate some cake, some ice cream and about 2 hours later I ate a hot dog and Cheetos. I have no idea how many points I consumed but it was way to many. For Seventy Six days I have made good choices, 77 and 78 not so great, but what fun times I had with my family, and I will learn to do better next time.

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