Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day Five!

Well everything I said yesterday I needed today, and more. The only thing worse than car trouble is computer trouble, and it seems I stepped in a puddle of pooh, last week. I could not get anything accomplished and I was almost tempted to eat a couple of times out of sheer frustration. I didn't though, and I am so happy my little pep talk to myself yesterday came in handy today. My solution, I went straight from work and bought a new book, if my computer goes down tomorrow, I will just read until the IT department gets it worked out.

One source of encouragement I have been drawing from is all of the people online that have made it over to the other side. I want to be there, and I someday will. I hope I can be an encouragement to someone on this journey I am traveling.

Three more sleeps until I weigh in. Yea! I am feeling good about it.

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