Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day Three

It's freezing outside, this is Spring it's not supposed to be this cold, this is just the kind of thing I didn't need today. I am going to have to motivate myself to do my exercise indoors. We got up and went to Church this morning, it was a great service. When we got home my son was here and luckily I had planned a lunch that would feed us all. I have lots to do today but I really have to say I am still very motivated to continue on. I am crossing my fingers that I have a really good weight loss my first week.

What I learned today!

The key to staying accountable is not only keeping track of everything you eat (the good AND the bad), but also posting daily (or at least regularly!!). So even though I may not be saying anything terribly interesting or even inspiring, I think I need to be writing.

I tried out a new Breakfast treat this afternoon if you want to try it out click on this- Banana Oatmeal Cups with Chocolate Cups. If you like Oatmeal you will like these, grab and go cups.

Ok, I better quit or I won't exercise.

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