Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Fourteen!

If this were a battle.....Wait it is!
If I had been in a battle for my life today, I would have been decimated. Thank goodness I planned ahead, brought my lunch, nothing extra just in case I got hungry.... because I was so tired all day I could barely keep my head up, and when I am that I tired I have a habit of eating my way out of exhaustion. I had to force my way out the door to walk, to make matters worse it was cloudy and cold. I just wanted to cover up my head all day and go back to bed. I need sleep, and I need it bad.
So what did I learn in my battle weariness?
1. Habits can be broken
2. Sometimes you just have to push through
3. Try not to put yourself in this position.
What can I do to to avoid this again?
1. Realistically, I know it will happen again at some point (some times you just can't sleep).
2. Plan ahead, and don't set yourself up for temptation.
3. Make a new habit (drink water, go for a walk, clean your desk etc.)

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