Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Twelve

I'm losing it and I'm loving it!
Is this great or what, I was thinking today about how the last 12 days have just flown by and I have to be honest some days were stress filled and some were just ordinary days. The thing is they were all made easier by my committing to this lifestyle change. My planning my menu, and BLOGGING! Today I read a few blogs that spoke straight to my heart. I don't know that I will ever write anything that will inspire someone else, but I hope if anyone reading this can get one thing from my blog it would be that, there is hope, this wall of fat that I have built will come off, it has before, but I have never made a decision to keep it off, I have made that decision and it is my prayer that I will hang in there when it is tough and my resolve is at its lowest. I well read my words, and those of my fellow blogger's and I will, I will find my way to a healthy life.

Day 12 was a great day, Please Lord, let it rain at night.

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  1. I agree Betty, I feel that me writing on my blog helps be stay accountable. I have been out of town at a wedding and try my best to stay on point. I did really well on my breakfast and lunch it was the dinners out that knocked me for a loop. But I am back home and working hard to stay on points. I am working also to get it off and keep it off.
    Love ya


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