Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day Sixteen

I was not going to weigh today, I kept looking at the scale, and scooting it over. I wiped it off. I drank two cups of coffee and told myself "now you can't get on the scale" but I have little will power and later in the day, after I had finished dinner I could stand it no longer. I got on the scale and I was down one pound since yesterday. I am hoping by my weigh-in day on Friday that I lose at least 2 pounds.

It is a rainy day here, I went shopping and bought some SmartFood Popcorn Clusters....Yum.

I realize its not smart to weigh everyday, and I hope to get out of this habit someday soon, but until I do my hope is that when I find a loss, I can rejoice, when I find a gain, I can see the words that are on this scale, and search for the help I need to get through to the other side.

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