Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day Sixty-One and Sixty-Two

Ok...........I panicked, when I got up this morning and got on the scale, ( I am an admitted scale junkie) I was up 2 pounds. So what did I do. I joined Weight Watchers online. I have already lost 13 pounds doing this on my own, but what is with the weight gain. I haven't been cheating, I have stayed on point, and did my exercise, I know it may be water weight, but I decided I better make sure I am doing this right. I am amazed that just because they think I am old that I have to have less points than a 20 year old. Just a few short years ago, I was eating 24 points now I am down to 21. That may be why I haven't been losing very fast, eating too many points. So with a renewed spirit I start this day with a little help from my Weight Watchers friends and I am hoping for a great week.


  1. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't worry too much about that gain. our weight fluctuates from so much including sodium, water, hormones, etc etc etc It may be different tomorrow.

    Those darn points. And they drop as we lose weight! But activity points gets you more food. :) Do you spin? It earns BIG time activity points.

  2. I'm a daily weigher myself and that weight definitely does fluctuates - and sometimes for no reason that I can pinpoint. WW online sounds like a great idea, though!


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