Friday, June 5, 2009

Day Sixty-Three

I'm a geek, I love gadgets. I was born with this gene. Why did I not join Weight Watchers online sooner. This little online app. is just perfect for people like me. People that can't find the notes she writes, or remember what she ate 5 minutes after her meal. I love it.
For me it is all about focus, if I am not careful I will lose my focus and be easily lured away by the sweet and tasty treats that are readily available. I still eat the sweet treats, I still eat some of the things I love, but I have to remind myself that, tonight might not be a good idea. I am very impressionable so if I see a certain food or even talk about it, I want it way to much. This gadget is a good thing because I can look at my points no matter where I am. If I have enough left then I will not deprive myself. Life is short, eat desert, just be smart about it.

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