Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Nineteen!

The Bettering of Betty
{Phase one of her betterment is in the early stages}
When I think about the amount of weight I need to lose, 8lbs seems like such a small amount. I am impatient, I want it to be twenty or thirty pounds already. I would love to lose as fast at they do on the Biggest Loser. That is not gonna happen, and with my track record, I may as well brace myself for a long period before I enter into the final phase. In the meantime I am looking for the Bettering of Betty. I don't expect just losing weight to make me a better person, and I have been there enough times to know that it is me that must change. I have to learn to think better, make better choices, and I need to believe that I can do this. The truth is when you get older you see how much time you have wasted, the choices you made when you were younger are beginning to let your body know how much it appreciates it. My body is not very happy with me, so I am starting phase one with a not so happy body, but a strong determination to finish this race well. On my list of 58 things I have never done before, one of the most important things for me to accomplish is to get my weight off and keep it off. I am fully committed to this, so hopefully when I am in the latter stages of phase one, you will see a better Betty.

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  1. Betty, Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! The encouragement means the world to me, let me tell you. There are days when it gets me through! We can do it, right?? :)


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